What is The Problem With Them

What is wrong with them?
Those who live sinfully,
Those who have no fear,
Who live life so immoral, they think they are immortal,
Dismissing the end which is near.

What is wrong with them?
Those who live in hypocrisy,
Those who hate secretly,
Who smile and laugh; claim they walk The Path,
But black are their hearts with enmity,
What is wrong with them?

Those who squander life,
Those who prostitute precious loans-
Time has no benefit; youth and wealth no profit,
A fruitless existence is their own.

What is wrong with them?
Those who deny signs,
Those who reject proof,
Whose hearts are stone, ears deaf to tone,
And whose eyes are blind to proof.

What is wrong with them that they do not believe?
That they fail to acknowledge Greatness?
That they fail to fall on knees with humility?
Eventually, the hour will come, the sweetest victory for some,
But the wrongdoers have failed and are destined for calamity.

What is wrong with them that they do not believe? And when the Qur'an is recited they do not fall prostrate.
Holy Quran
Surah Al-Buruj (85:20-21)

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