Seeking Halaal (lawful) Provision

One of the challenges of seeking Allah’s provision is being careful to choose that which is halaal. This does present a challenge especially is non-Muslim societies where legal work may be limited, but with conviction and creativity, options are available for the one who seeks to please Allah.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ, said, “O people, fear Allah and be graceful in seeking provision, for a soul will never die until it finishes its provision. If it is slow coming, fear Allah and be graceful in seeking provision. Take what is lawful and leave what is unlawful.
Sahih Hadith
Jabir ibn Abdullah
Sunan ibn Majah (2135)

This hadeeth also reminds the Muslim to seek lawful provision. One of the results of greed and materialism is that people do not care if what they obtain from wealth was legally earned or not. Drug gangs distribute the spoils of their illegal and destructive trade among underprivileged communities and no one questions the source or legitimacy of these handouts.

Related to seeking legal provision is the fact that sometimes, profits of trade are slow or difficult in coming. Many people turn to illegal sources of earning because it is “easy” and “quick”. No doubt the straight path comes with some difficulties, but the believer must have trust and faith in Allah. Through his obedience to Allah, a believer will obtain that which is decreed for him.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Paradise is surrounded by adversity, and Hellfire is surrounded by lusts.”
Sahih Muslim
Anas ibn Malik
Sahih Muslim (2823)

And yet in another narration, the Prophet ﷺ said,

Do not think of your provision as slow coming, for a servant will never die until he reaches the end of his provision.
Sahih Hadith
Jabir ibn Abdullah
Sunan ibn Majah (2135)

Likewise, Allah reminds us not to resort to forbidden things such as killing or aborting children because of fear or frustration.

And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is ever a great sin.
Holy Quran
Surah Al-Isra [17:31]

In addition, the true believer is not distracted or fearful of his provision decreasing through his obedience to Allah by observing his prayer or other acts of worship. Some Muslim traders in the West will not close their businesses  for the Jumu’ah or Eid prayer for fear that they will incur “losses” Allah said:

Men whom neither commerce nor sale distracts from the remembrance of Allah and performance of prayer and giving of zakah. They fear a Day in which the hearts and eyes will [fearfully] turn about That Allah may reward them [according to] the best of what they did and increase them from His bounty. And Allah gives provision to whom He wills without account.
Holy Quran
Surah An-Nur (24:37-38)

Allah promises to reward and increase the believer for his obedience, yet because of the weakness of faith and dependence on Allah, many prefer to lose the reward with Allah out of fear for their provision, whereas the true believer knows that his provision is with Allah. Allah said:

And no (moving) living creature is there on earth but its provision is due from Allah
Holy Quran
Surah Hud [11:6]

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