Ohh Dominica How I Cried For You

Our sister from Trinidad and Tobago (Nelepha Tahir-Mohammed) penned this beautiful poem below about how she and others felt in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria which destroyed Dominica. We think this should be spread all over the world. So Please share. She was also one of those who helped in the donations and aid reaching the people of Dominica… alhamdulillah

Dominica how I cried for you,
The night Maria wreaked havoc through!
Destroying the island and changing the landscape,
Stripping a beautiful country, grief, and distress now on her nape!

So we rallied in TNT,
Inshan Ishmael with IBN, Barakah, and Ashnad – Ashmede Ali.
Muslims of TNT, churches, even schools, and families
All felt the pain for our brothers in faith and humanity

So we yearn to erase the pain of each other,
Caricom nation caring for their brother,
We hear your cry Oh Dominica,
The barge will soon arrive crossing a distance of water.

Don’t despair 😩, have courage and hope,
Remind the people to avoid sin and dope!
Worship One True God as you’re created to worship Him!
The kindness sent would bring light in a life once so dim.

So think of our blessed Caribbean territory
As a place of love, kindness, and dignity.
Third world countries helping each other to be better,
While the bullies of the world, suffer Puerto Rico after Irma and Maria!

I feel pain for you oh Dominica but know,
We’d stand by you fortified giving all our help from Trinidad and Tobago!
How we can shine when we unite for good and believe,
Together we aspire, together we achieve !!!

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  • Rashidah Joseph

    Assalam Walaykum,
    My heart goes out to the Muslims and Everyone in Dominica, ravaged by hurricane Maria. this poem captures a united Caribbean feel, and Muslims also playing their part as we are all on people. Please add more poems.

    • Nelepha Tahir-Mohammed

      Subhanallah, I now seeing these messages , one year and counting later.
      There are quite a few proficient poets in Dominica . Inshaa Allaah , admin can solicit some well carved , pertinent poems from them as well . Shukran Sister for your encouragement ! Baarakallaahu feek ( May Allaah bless you )

  • Khadeeja

    Salams Sister Nelepha,

    We Definitely need to get in touch, your poem touched a chord. I think we are all saddened by what happened to this small beautiful Caribbean island. We are all moved by the resilience of the people and the caring and love of the neighboring islands. As a Muslim, I think this poem captures the people while also putting some Islam in there.

  • Amina

    Masha-Allah, this is a really beautiful poem. May Allah reward you sister!

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