Actions Speak Louder than Words

We all know this famous phrase. Some would say a well-known “cliché” but what is a cliché except a commonly recurring reality?

Islam requires every Muslim to act upon what he or she knows. This is a fundamental and inseparable part of this way of life. Without action, our faith is not complete. Addressing the believers in the Qur’an Allah the Exalted always says;

And those who believe and do righteous good deeds, they are dwellers or paradise, they will dwell therein forever.
Holy Quran
Surah Al-Baqarah (2:25)

Such verses of the Qur’an which show the importance of accompanying belief with deeds are many. This shows the importance of action in the life of a Muslim. This is an essential part of the truthfulness of Islam as a person is judged by people in this life for his action and by Allah his Creator on the day that he will be resurrected.

When people look to ascertain the truthfulness of any religion, one of the first things that they look at is the action of its adherents. Whether they agree with that religion or not, actions here speak louder than words.

There is also a strong link between sincerity and action as no deeds are accepted by the Creator except if the intention is sincere, meaning free from doing that action except for Allah alone. Sufyan ibn Abdullah reported:

I said, “O Messenger of Allah, tell me of a saying in Islam after which I will not need to ask anyone after you.” The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Say, ‘I have faith in Allah,’ and then remain steadfast.”
Sahih Muslim
Sufyan ibn Abdullah
Sahih Muslim (38)

This hadeeth shows the importance of actions in relation to speech, for no sooner does a person profess faith except that they will begin to be judged by their Lord for their actions.

We ask Allah to make our words equal to our deeds, and accept from us that which is pleasing to Him!

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  • Tumusiime Robert

    Hey everyone, Is anyone basically not Muslim allowed to participate in these conversations with different perceptions on certain themes presented here.

    I’m a Baha’i who believes in onesness of God and religion.
    I like participating in such spiritual teachings as their true source is One. Allah

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